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United Polo’s Mission:


To harness the collective expertise, resources and passion that exist within the polo community to improve, promote and grow the sport. 


United Polo’s mission has evolved out of a love for the sport and the recognition that through better coordination and strategic innovation it can grow and improve.


United Polo aims to achieve this by:


Working in partnership with polo clubs 

Polo has a global appeal, but is built upon the foundations and community networks of local clubs. Clubs are a central and critical part of the polo eco-system acting as a focal point for the game and a hub for polo related commerce. Through the development of affiliate relationships with clubs United Polo will work in support of clubs to deliver sponsorship and investment into clubs to benefit these foundations.


Improving services to polo

The collective effort and resources involved in getting 8 mounted players onto a polo pitch for chukkas is impressive. When you consider what is involved in putting on tournaments and chukkas 6 days a week for 5 months straight it is mind boggling. United Polo aims to support those involved in making sure polo happens, is safe and enjoyable.


Promoting polo at every level

The polo community comprises of a wide range of different vested interests, United Polo believes that while the reasons for being involved in polo vary it doesn’t mean they can’t work together for the benefit of all. Through better communication, coordination and coherent effort the inherent value within polo as a spectator sport, an enjoyable hobby and an elite equestrian and athletic discipline can be fully maximised. We will do this by building viable and commercial sponsorship offerings and rights packages for every level of polo.  We will work with different groups to build polo leagues, competitions and rights frameworks that complement and support existing polo infrastructure and ensure sustainable models for player recruitment, retention and remuneration and club improvement and longevity.

United Polo’s network is growing!

United Polo has been working with UK Polo clubs since early 2020 to understand what support is needed and how we can support make polo stronger.

Among our affiliates are:





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