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The administration, effort and not to mention people skills required to run a polo club successfully are often taken for granted. But to us it is clear when managers are able to make clubs successful the sport and the communities that engage with it flourish.  At United Polo we want to support the club administrators with tried and tested solutions to make their member’s experience smoother and reduce financial and administrative burden on club staff. We are also committed to a partnership approach with our club affiliates, meaning any profit derived from solutions designed for clubs will be dispersed back to the clubs so that they can further invest in the sports infrastructure. If polo clubs succeed, the sport succeeds.


United Polo has undertaken the development, coordination and management of a portfolio of services and products on behalf of all those clubs and other polo entities who join the platform.


  • Club App – UNITED POLO offers each club a tailored app with a wide range of  functionality. By using the many features available on their club app clubs can start to improve their communication to different audiences, enhance their coordination of administrative functions and link to local resources in their communities. The Club App has an array of adaptable functionality that can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual club. The Club App allows administrators to share fixture lists and match day programs. Communicate directly with members offering discounts or loyalty schemes.  Events ticketing , Fan Walls, Car Finder, Maps and directions, local attraction directory for travelling teams eg hotels, service stations etc. A simple and easy to use highly intelligent back office allows each club to upload and manage all aspects of the app to keep it live and interactive for members and other audience members.


  • Venue Registration and Check In – If you’re anything like the sports admins and coaches we’ve spoken to over the past month, you’re either using a workaround, doing something more manual like online or in-person forms, or exploring expensive 3rd-party options. United Track and Trace offers each club for free an easy to use in App function that can be used by all those attending your venue. This health check function is required by UK Government to support the national track and trace effort.


  • Member Services such as registration, tournament entry and structuring , match scheduling, match scoring and dynamic match reporting which instantly updates league table an
    d generates the next fixtures is a powerful tool for any club admin. Save time and grow your sports organization with a solution that is seamlessly connected to our app.

Leading By Example


Polo is an international sport, existing in local communities around the globe. Covid-19 has provided many challenges to the sport but we are optimistic for the summer and believes that with a coordinated and coherent effort, attendance at polo can be safely managed. United Polo has listened to the needs of those engaged with the sport and developed adaptable approach and toolkit to support a smooth and responsible transition back to full capacity.



In March and April 2021 United Polo held several online workshops with polo clubs across throughout the country to understand the challenges clubs face adhering to Covid-19 social distancing regulations and HPA protocols. While clubs vary in size and resources all were clear in stating the need to lead by example in applying responsible and appropriate measures to support NHS track and trace efforts and safeguard their staff, members and visitors. HPA Covid-19 Protocols were engaged with, understood and applied by club administrators throughout the UK.



United Polo we developed a digital “Track and Trace” function within its Club App. This provided an easily accessible club venue entry registration form, reducing hours of form-filling and providing a GDPR compliant data registration service for our partner clubs.  This health check function is required by UK Government to support the national track and trace effort.



As lockdown eases the number it is hoped that the number of people who are able to enjoy the sport in person will increase. This brings normality but also risk. United Polo has launched a number of administration tools that help clubs adapt to the font-family: var(–global–font-secondary); font-size: var(–global–font-size-base);”>changing circumstances. These include digital car pass registration, digital members areas, pitch side food and drink ordering using QR code locations or click and collect.  We will continue to listen and adapt to the changing needs of the clubs and help them ensure a safe return to polo.



Clear, Comprehensive Event Booking



Polo clubs are only as successful as the events they can host, be it stick and balling or a high goal final. United Polo has partnered with Bookwhen ticketing system to provide a comprehensive event booking system and customer relationship interface.

Accessible through the Club App the Bookwhen system allows clubs to:


  1. Create event schedules and fixture lists to allow online booking of tournaments, chukkas, polo lessons.

  2. Create bespoke booking forms to collect the information you need from your customers.

  3. Take online payments and set up payment gateway to minimise administration.

  4. Set up reminder emails to automatically remind members of upcoming events.

  5. Create statements of accounts and customer details to support with accounting and member engagement.

  6. Share and promote upcoming events with mailing lists.


For more information and a demonstration please contact the team.


Event booking platform available to United Polo Affiliates



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